Tips For Safe Antibiotic Use After Dental Implant Placement

Here at Tweed Dental Care, we prescribe antibiotics to manage infections in and around the mouth. These infections are usually caused by bacteria, so antibiotics are a helpful tool to fight them off.

Three Safety Tips For Antibiotic Use

If you are taking antibiotics, keep the following considerations in mind:

  • Do not share your antibiotics. Antibiotics are prescribed for specific purposes. Your doctor will typically check for potential adverse interactions or drug allergies before prescribing any medications. Sharing with another person could be dangerous and even deadly.
  • Be sure to finish your entire prescription. You may be tempted to stop taking your prescription if your condition is improving and you feel better. However, there is an important reason why specific amounts of medication are prescribed. If you stop too soon, bacteria could survive and cause significant problems.
  • Do not save bottles for reuse. There is also an important reason for this tip. Antibiotics become less effective or completely ineffective if they are stored for long periods. Sometimes even a few months can ruin their ability to fight bacteria. If you are not sure, check with your local pharmacy or doctor’s office for appropriate disposal of your expired medications.

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