Financing Options

If you need dental treatment that is not covered by your insurance plan, or that stretches beyond your immediate budget, we can help you to apply for a payment plan from Moneris. Payment plans can help to break up the payments for your dental treatment over time.

Dental Financing Tweed Dentist

Understanding Dental Fees

Before we begin any treatment, you and your dentist will discuss fees and payment options. We aim to make dental services available to our patients and can discuss several payment options to suit different needs. 

Dental Insurance

Our reception staff may be able to assist you in determining if your insurance plan covers your dental treatment. In many cases, we can even submit your claim directly without the need to mail in forms. 


Our team understands that sometimes you may require dental treatments that your insurance will not cover, or that stretches beyond your immediate budget.

That's why at Tweed Dental Care, we can help you apply for a payment plan through Moneris. Moneris payment plans may be able to help you to pay for the dental services you need now, over an extended period of time.

Speak to one of our understand administration professionals for more information on how to apply.


Please contact us for more information on financing options. 

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