Custom Mouth & Sleep Guards in Tweed

At Tweed Dental Care, our dentist may recommend a mouth guard to help protect your teeth while taking part in sports, or to help relieve painful symptoms caused by clenching or grinding teeth during sleep.

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Why would I need a mouth guard?

Our dentist at Tweed Dental Care may recommend a mouth guard for patients as young as five years old, to protect teeth and gums during sports activities. Typically, sports such as hockey or rugby require the use of a mouth guard to help ensure the safety of children's teeth and mouth. We recommend that patient have a good custom-fitted mouth guard.

We may also recommend a mouth guard, sometimes referred to as a sleep guard or night guard, for patients who frequently clench or grind their teeth during sleep. A mouth guard can help prevent the ongoing erosion of the tooth's structure that can result from excessive grinding.

How do we make mouth guards?

At Tweed Dental Care, our dentist will create a mouth guard that is custom-fitted to you or your child's teeth.

We begin by taking an impression the teeth, then create a customized appliance to comfortably fit your unique smile.

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