Wisdom Teeth Removal in Tweed

At Tweed Dental Care, we offer wisdom tooth removal to our patients experiencing wisdom teeth which have only partially erupted or have not erupted in the ideal location, or when there is just not enough room for them in the patient’s mouth.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

The extraction of wisdom teeth may be recommended by your dentist if a wisdom tooth is impacted or is infected. Impacted wisdom teeth are wisdom teeth that are unable to fully erupt. This inability to fully break through the gums can lead to bacteria from food getting trapped in these areas which may cause decay, infection and pain.

Your dentist may also recommend that your wisdom teeth be extracted if they are causing pain or discomfort in your jaw, gums or teeth in the surrounding area.

Wisdom teeth are typically the last teeth that emerge in an adult mouth. They often begin to erupt between the ages of 18 and 20, but each person is different. Depending on the way your wisdom teeth come in, you could require extraction.

What to expect

Every smile is different. The process for removing your wisdom teeth will depend on how impacted your teeth are. Some wisdom teeth can be extracted as easily as any other molar.

Once your anaesthetic has taken effect, your dentist will widen the socket (the area your tooth sits in).

Next, we will move the tooth from side to side until it is loose enough to be removed completely. We will provide you will care instructions to look after the affected area during your appointment.

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